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[…] In sum, I work without theories. I am only aware of the shapes that I use: I go ahead, pushed by an idea that I only get to know fully as it develops, while the painting proceeds. As Chardin used to say: «I add some paint [or I remove it, because I tend to scrape a lot of it] until it looks right. ». […]

Henri Matisse

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My artistic background has left an indelible mark on my expressive language, which combines a pronounced chromatic sensitivity with an innate attitude towards a plastic vision of the structures. Fired enamels and lost wax casting are precisely the techniques that enable me to create unique overlays made of brightly and contrasting coloured elements mixed with precious materials moulded in soft shapes of solids and voids.
My jewels, designed to be easy and comfortable to wear, possess the substance of primordial organic forms and remind us of Gaudí architectures.

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